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Beverly Johnson's
The Black is Beautiful Collection - 100% Human Hair

Beverly Johnson, former top cover model, featured on Vogue and 500 other magazines, created "The Black is Beautiful Collection" for African American women who are interested in new styles, colors and textures.  The collection contains the finest and most affordable wigs in the industry.  The wigs comes right out of the box "ready to wear" and the inner caps have breathability for a cool and comfortable feel.

Shown below are recently released 100% Human Hair of the finest construction and beauty.  Beautiful, unique color blends are available and the prices are phenomenal.

Click into pictures below for pricing information and colors

Natural BeautyNatural Beauty - 100% Human Hair

Sexy and free-flowing S-curls that falls below the shoulder and has a life-like skin top.

H85H85 - 100% Yaki Human Hair


H104H104 - 100% Human Hair

Unique fashion statement in a superb layered shag.

H106Cleopatra (H-106)  - 100% Human Hair

Feminine and elegant in long and silky style.

H112H112 - 100% Human Hair

Enchanting shoulder length human hair with slight wave and straight bangs.

H114H114 - 100% Human Hair

Yaki texture in shoulder length page for a naturally contemporary look.

H127Flirt (H-127) - 100% Human Hair 

Celebrate your flirtatious side with wonderful soft spiral curls!. 

H129H129 - 100% Human Hair

For all occasions, fashionable bob with sweeping bangs.

H133H133 - 100% Human Hair

Smooth and silky bob with longer sides to frame your face. 

H148H148 -100% Human Hair

Short, layered and classic designed for maximum comfort and easy styling.

H149H149  (100% Human Hair)

Offering the ultimate in casual elegance with softly layered curls.

H157H157- 100% Human Hair

Yaki texture with center skin part and full bangs.

H160H160 - 100% Human Hair

Wavy bob that flips in the back is considered one of the most popular styles in collection.

H169H169 - 100% Human Hair

Past the shoulder in layered and wavy page to the shoulders

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